Organ Pipe National Monument was pretty cool to see. Lots of weird and interesting plants. I’m glad I stopped by. Here is me with an Organ Pipe Cactus. It’s so named because it looks like the pipes from a church organ.

I camped at Gunsight Wash as recommended by the friends I made in Quartzsite. This is a totally free place to camp for up to two weeks just like Plomosa in Quartzsite. It’s just a few minutes outside the Organ Pipe National Monument so it’s a great spot to stay.

Jumping Cactus

These little dudes are everywhere in the Organ Pipe area. They are called jumping cactus because they like to come apart and jump onto you. Beware!

Leaving Gunsight, I called around and found that Loves Travel Stop in Gila Bend takes trash for free which was great. There is also a dump but it’s only open weekday mornings and sadly it’s not free.

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