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2021 Winter

Saguaro National Park

(View the full photo album here) I started by picking up an annual pass and a passport to all the parks. This will get a lot of use this year. The cool thing about Saguaro National Park is really just the Saguaro cacti. These are basically everywhere in Arizona but they are very dense here. …

2021 Winter


Next we stopped at Cosanti in Phoenix on the way to Saguaro National Park. This is where Soleri lived and worked while he was building Arcosanti. They still do a lot of similar bronze and ceramics work at Cosanti today just like Arcosanti. Here is the ceramics working apse at Cosanti. The tunnel at the …

2021 Winter


(View the photo album with full quality pics, photospheres, and panoramas) To say I was really excited would be an understatement. I have been obsessed with this place for years and finally I get to see it in person! This was my view for the week from a camp site behind the arcology, looking out …

Quartzsite Sunrise
2021 Winter


Here’s me, the moving cabin, and my first ever Saguaro on the morning when I arrived at Quartzsite! I met up with a group of nomads and we camped together for several weeks. The meetup was very very strict with covid compliance which was great. We had a great time getting to know each other …

Salvation Mountain
2021 Winter

Slab City

This post is about the first leg of my year in the wilderness. I’m traveling to all the national parks in the contiguous 48 states. I’m also stopping at several other interesting spots along the way, and making sure to sample the local fare. Public health officials across the country argue that this is one …